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OSCAR is a Suite of Applications which serve to enhance the health and social service community’s ability to provide the highest level of care.

All OSCAR applications are built in free open source software, which means you are free to download the program, use the program, or modify it.

  • OSCAR Electronic Medical Record (EMR)has full billing capabilities, chronic disease management tools, prescription module, scheduling¬†and many other features. OSCAR can run locally in an office or be accessed over the internet.
  • MyOSCAR¬†is a patient controlled personal health record that integrates with the OSCAR EMR.
  • MyDrugRef¬†is a “social-network” for pharmacists and physicians to facilitate “knowledge transfer” of drug information and is fully integrated with the OSCAR EMR.
  • OSCAR CAISI¬† is a national, award winning implementation of OSCAR, that includes full featured Case Management, Bed Management, and Program/Facility Management system, used by many leading Agencies and Residential Programs in Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa. This OSCAR partnership won the 2007 Silver Award of Excellence in the Efficiency & Operational Improvements from¬†CIPA Canadian Information Productivity Awards.¬†This implementation allows OSCAR users to electronically integrate care across separate site installations and is the only EMR/CMS able to do this.
  • OSCAR Resource¬† is a compilation of free clinical resources which can be accessed through the EMR at the point of care.

A growing number of experienced  OSCAR Support Providers provide a full range of set-up and support services for all the software in the OSCAR Suite of Applications. Read more on open source and why an open source EMR is your best choice.



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COPD Action Plan

Resource Tools 

Child Asthma and Vit D

Children with severe therapy-resistant asthma (STRA) may have poorer lung function and worse symptoms compared to children with moderate asthma, due to lower levels of vitamin D in their blood, according to researchers in London. Lower levels of vitamin D may cause structural changes in the airway muscles of children with STRA, making breathing more difficult. The study provides important new evidence for possible treatments for the condition.

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Statins, Vitamin D, and COPD

Janda and colleagues1 in their review recently published in CHEST (September 2009) highlighted that statin drugs can have a beneficial role in patients with COPD through their pleiotropic antiinflammatory and immune modulatory effects. We suggest that the same immunomodulatory action might be reached in a safer and cheaper way by adequate vitamin D levels.





This review focuses on biomarkers of airway inflammation which may help us to identify, monitor, and guide treatment of asthmatics. We discuss biomarkers obtained from multiple physiological sources, including sputum, exhaled gases, exhaled breath condensate, serum, and urine. We discuss the inherent limitations and benefits of using biomarkers in a heterogeneous disease such as asthma. We also discuss how we may modify our study designs to improve the identification and potential use of potential biomarkers in asthma.

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