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The fear of Ebola has spread faster in America than the virus itself. Ebola has infected the American psyche, forcing us to do risk analysis of a pathogen we know little about. This is different from the flu scares of recent years, because this virus is novel here, and we have no cultural memory of what we are supposed to do, or think, or believe, when Ebola is on the loose.

People have to wonder: How contagious is this virus — really? Is there something different and more pernicious about this particular strain of Ebola?



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How the microscopic Ebola virus kills thousands – The Washington Post

Researchers have identified a molecular mechanism that could explain why the common cold can bring on life-threatening asthma attacks.

Published today in Science Translational Medicine, the findings indicate this may be a potential target for  that could be more effective than existing treatments.


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Study finds potential new target to treat asthma attacks brought on by colds

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