British Columbia Respiratory Therapy aims to promote education, provide the community with disease information and resources, identify breathing disturbances, and act as a reference to allied health care professionals in their treatment of respiratory disorders.

My name is Peter Daugulis and I have been an RT for over 20 years. I have a B.Sc in Biology from U of Waterloo and I am a Certified Respiratory Care Educator in COPD and ASTHMA. I’m a bit of a Mac geek and have setup the website for the Rt dept at St. Paul’s Hospital (although they unprofessionally removed my copyright from their footer…) as well as their scheduling and communication book, and have developed this site to further enhance the RT learning experience. It is hoped that you can come to this site and find the info that one so often needs in a pinch as well as perhaps brush up on past, current, an new strategies and technologies. Support the BCSRT/CSRT and hope they do their jobs and provide an effective voice. Sometimes there is too much politics.

I believe you DON’T have to belong to some committee to show your loyalty to a profession. Free mind and thinking is a great venue for open discussion.

I encourage any allied health professional to visit this site and hopefully I will get some writers and contributors to further enhance what I have started.

Thanks to all the RT’s across BC and for that matter Ontario and the Maritimes for their support!

Cheers to all!

starving writer

Please don’t hesitate to email me. If there is something in error please let me know. If some information has not been properly credited I will do everything I can to rectify the issues.

Oh yeah, 1 more thing…. buy a Mac 😉

Visit my personal site and the site I  constructed and maintained for the Repiratory Therapy Dept at St. Paul’s Hospital

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