Reference: Am J Respir Crit Care Med (2006) vol. 174 (3) pp. 268-78/


Lung Recruitment

Assess for any auto-PEEP and make adjustments to correct before continuing

Using Pressure Control use the following settings

• Adjust high pressure alarm to 60 cm H2O

• Pressure Control (above PEEP): 15-20 cm H2O

• PEEP: 20-25 cm H2O (attempt 25 cm H2O

o Target PIP of 40 cm H2O

• iTime: 1 – 2 seconds

• Respiratory rate: needed by the patient, must have full exhalation (expired flow

of zero)

• FiO2 1.0

• Ventilate for 1-2 minutes (readjust alarm limits when the procedure is complete)




  Lung Recruitment and Decremental PEEP



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