OxyMask SouthMedic

OxyMask’s logical advantages:

  • Phthalate-Free
  • The only O2 therapy device to deliver FiO2 of 24% – 90%
  • Can be utilized to deliver High Flow O2 therapy to flush
  • Zero probability of creating intrinsic PEEP on flow
    rates > 15 LPM
  • Zero probability of CO2 rebreathing on low flow rates
  • Allows open communication with your patient
  • Designed for nose and mouth breathers
  • Convenient swivel elbow to reposition tubing
  • Naso Gastric tube can be threaded through OxyMask
  • Allows for suctioning & oral care through mask
  • Open mask allows for delivery of other respiratory therapies
  • Reduces probability of aspiration



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