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Resus.ME exists to help you keep up to date in all aspects of life-saving medicine, from acute medicine and paediatrics, to emergency and critical care medicine, and even pre-hospital care!

I believe we have a responsibility to stay at the cutting edge of resuscitation, and I want to share what I learn. No more relying on what you learned in Advanced Life Support Courses! This is for the specialist in resuscitation.

I scan over 40 journals as well as sources of national and international guidelines so I don’t miss out on what I need to know to save lives!

There’s no guarantee I’ll pick up everything but I’ll do my best not to miss the big stuff. There is inevitably a bias towards the things that interest me: refuting dogma and going beyond basic guidelines. I do not critically appraise all articles quoted and cannot attest to the validity of the findings reported. I endeavour to blog several articles per week but I do work full time in clinical practice in pre-hospital and retrieval medicine and emergency medicine and restrict the blogging to my own time. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own and do not reflect those of my employers. No non-consented identifiable patient details are ever posted.

Enjoy the updates which I offer as a free service to colleagues who are co-combatants in the war against critical illness and injury!



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