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Introducing… RTCalc June 11, 2013

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Along comes a great IOS app that really blows me away in terms of usability AND functionality.

AND, It works on IOS 7!!!!!

As any RT knows, there are times where you just need that 1 equation of calculation at work that you either forgot or just don’t have the time to figure out.

Well, Ronnald Grant has just done that with RTCalc.

Let the developer/programmer introduce the app:



Hello, My name is Ronnald Grant. I have been in the respiratory therapy field for over 25 years. I’ve had the pleasure as a student to work with the guy who invented the inline suction catheter back in 1984 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tacoma Wa. Since then I’ve always had the desire to give back to hospitals and to respiratory therapist.

During the last 2.5 years i’ve spent a great deal of time creating an app for respiratory therapist. The app is called RTcalc and is available for the iPhone, with an Android version coming out soon. You can check it out


I accept ideas, requests, and critical reviews which serves to help make RTcalc better. Once you have RTcalc you can enter reviews or requests by clicking on the [ ? ] – help button for an easy to fill out email feedback form.

Ronn Grant RCP/Programmer



Here are some screenshots in action:





¬†About the App and Developer. Excellent and easy way to send feedback. It opens up your mail app for you to send ideas, equation requests, etc…









Easy Duration of flow calc and timer !



Some great equations


1 Respiratory



2 Cardiac and Tools



3 Respiratory Medications Cheat Sheet




4 Help Menu


I have found this IOS app very easy to use. The developer states in an email that new equations are easy to add, so hopefully updates will come fast and frequent from feedback. Personally, I’d like to see more PFT and neonatal information and I am surprised the the Anoon Gap calculation was NOT included. I did use the internal feedback method to suggest these items earlier today but have not heard back yet.

It is quite pricey compared to the usual $0.99 cents we are accustomed to, however the app does provide such a wealth of info and tools that it would take you many more apps like this to fulfill the majority of your requirements clinically. That is, if they even exist.

Great app, and in retrospect such a good value for the money and an absolute MUST HAVE!!!


Mercury Risk: Jury’s Out (Flu Vaccination) : Should You Insist on a Mercury-Free Flu Shot for Your Child? October 29, 2012

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From MetroKids:

Mercury Risk: Jury’s Out

Do you need to worry about mercury in the first place? Researchers battle back and forth over this issue. We’ve known for decades that mercury is toxic to the brain and body tissues. But whether or not the amount in vaccines is enough to cause damage is still up in the air. Some research shows there is enough evidence of harm; other studies have found there is not enough proof that the mercury in vaccines is dangerous. However, no study has yet to prove for certain that this mercury is safe.

Because we just don’t know yet for sure, in my opinion it’s better to just skip the flu shot (unless you have a chronic medical condition that makes the flu risky for you) if you can’t find one without mercury.


Want more info on Thimersol (Mercury in multi-dose vials?)


Real Talk About Influenza Vaccine Safety — Be Informed and Be Prepared¬†CME/CE

Powerpoint for above


Forced Flu Vaccination of Healthcare Workers Threatens Health and Liberty


How much does a flu shot help and do you get one?

Effects of cannabis on pulmonary structure, function and symptoms October 19, 2012

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Conclusions: Smoking cannabis was associated with a dose-related impairment of large airways function resulting in airflow obstruction and hyperinflation. In contrast, cannabis smoking was seldom associated with macroscopic emphysema. The 1:2.5‚Äď5 dose equivalence between cannabis joints and tobacco cigarettes for adverse effects on lung function is of major public health significance.

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Novel coronavirus infection in the United Kingdom September 25, 2012

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23 SEPTEMBER 2012 –¬†On 22 September 2012, the United Kingdom (UK) informed WHO of a case of acute respiratory syndrome with renal failure with travel history to Saudi Arabia and Qatar.



CTV: Breakdown: What we know about the new SARS-like virus

The news that one person is believed to have died and another is in critical condition from a new SARS-like respiratory illness has the public on edge. But how concerned should we really be? Here are some of the facts, and mysteries, about the virus

Breakdown: What we know about the new SARS-like virus | CTV News

Asthma drug ‘cut attacks by a fifth’ even for those with severe form of the disease September 18, 2012

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A DRUG that reduces the number of asthma attacks by more than a fifth could offer hope to hundreds of thousands of patients who suffer from the most severe form of the debilitating lung disease.

Trials on nearly 1,000 people with uncontrolled asthma showed the drug tiotropium taken through a mist inhaler opened constricted airways  and appeared to improve lung function.

Even those with severe asthma saw the number of attacks cut by 21 per cent and the time between attacks extended by a third.


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Ventilation Strategies and Experimental Lung Injury September 9, 2012

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Ventilation Strategies and Experimental Lung Injury

John Baier M.D.

University of Manitoba

 Hypercapnea_lecture_(rev_2004) PPT version

Uploaded on SlideServe by vidar | Upload your own presentation

2011 NRP flow chart July 19, 2012

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2011 NRP flow chart


LINK Below

NRP algorithm 2011 




Effect of change of reference standard to NHANES III on interpretation of spirometric ‚Äėabnormality‚Äô June 28, 2012

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The objective of this study was to better quantify the well-known ‚Äėproblem‚Äô of the change in interpretation of spirometry, as a consequence of the change from the other commonly used reference standards (Morris, Kory, Crapo, Knudson 1976, and¬†Knudson 1983) to NHANES III.



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